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Reading Is Fundamental: What's in a Name?

Like any proper non-profit organization, Reading Is Fundamental has a mission statement. It’s about our commitment to ensuring literacy for all children and a passion for reading. But our core belief is most succinctly expressed in our name: reading is fundamental. So, if you find yourself at home with little ones and are feeling overwhelmed by the call to become an overnight educational sensation in every discipline, you might take some comfort in knowing this: one of the most important things you can do to keep your child progressing is to encourage highly engaged reading. Try to provide your child with a selection of reading material and ensure they spend time each day reading independently.

Reading ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE can make a difference. Choose from whatever you have in your home: books, magazines, graphic novels, comic books, cookbooks, online stories. It’s reader’s choice: don’t worry too much about a specific type or title. The most important thing you can do is to let your child choose and ensure they have dedicated time to read at least thirty minutes every day.

And, RIF is here to help. Our collection of almost 1,000 e-books is available for free for one month at In addition, you can find thousands of free resources and activities at, including celebrity read-alouds, puzzles, coloring pages, author interviews, discussion questions, and more.

We have also created a special destination on our website with social and emotional learning resources. This is a valuable tool at any time but especially relevant during these uncertain times. At you’ll find Tips & Tools for talking with your child about the emotions they are feeling now; books and resources specially curated for this topic; and a Kids Activity Center with puzzles, games, coloring sheets, and videos that kids can explore independently.

Remember, too, that modeling behavior is an important educational tool. So, when you carve out thirty minutes of independent reading time for your child, you can model that behavior for them by carving out that same time for yourself. The same rules apply, it is reader’s choice and it is one of the most educational things you can do.

Alicia Levi
President & Chief Executive Officer
Reading Is Fundamental