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RIF Tips for Building a Home Library

In celebration of Children’s Book Week RIF is ready to help you create a home library. Follow the RIF-approved tips below to create a dynamic, at-home reading experience.

1.) A few simple rules

  • Make a short list of clear and concise guidelines to guarantee a fun and educational at-home library experience.

2.) Include diverse books

  • It’s important build a home library with books that not only reflect your child’s world but also act as window into other cultures and lifestyles.

3.) Store books at the child’s eye level

  • Store books on shelves easily visible at a child’s eye level to encourage your children to explore their home library.

4.) Create a book sign out sheet

  • Integrate a sign out sheet to incorporate writing skills into the at-home reading experience.

5.) Incorporate multiple languages

  • Bilingual or not, incorporating books in multiple languages can prove to be an engaging challenge for your children.

Courtesy of Every Child A Reader, here is a 7 day plan to put these ideas into action:

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