The Legend of Bigfoot

Mary Johnson lived alone in the woods. Mary lived in the hills. Mary liked the peace and quiet.


Mary looked outside one day. Mary saw something. It was big and furry. It scared her. Mary hid.


Mary looked outside. Mary saw an animal. Mary said it was tall. Mary said it was strong. Mary said it had dark fur. Mary said it walked on two legs. Mary said it was not a bear. Mary said that it moved like a person. Mary knew it was Bigfoot!


Bigfoot is not real. But some people think he is. No one has proof. No one can find Bigfoot’s hair. No one can find body parts. No one can find a footprint.


Some say they have proof. They have photos or videos of him. But these turn out to be fake. They say they have Bigfoot’s body. The body looks very real. But it is a doll. It is not Bigfoot.


Bigfoot stories pop up now and then. Bigfoot was in my backyard. Bigfoot was in the woods. Bigfoot ate my dog. Bigfoot is my best friend. Some of the stories are crazy. Some are not so crazy. Some of the people who tell the stories are odd. But some are normal people like you and me. Did those people really see Bigfoot? They seem to be telling the truth.


What do you think? Is Bigfoot out there?