First Snow

Dear Savta,

We got to New Jersey. It was hard to leave Israel. It was hard to leave you. I miss you.

Winter here is much colder. We had to buy warm winter jackets. It is so cold that the puddles turned to ice. The ice is very slippery. If you stomp on it, it cracks.

This morning it snowed. It is my first snow. It snowed a lot. I was so excited. I ran out into the snow. I let it fall into my mouth. It was cold. It was fluffy. It was so much fun.

There will be more snow tonight. Dad says there will be a lot. We can make a snowman tomorrow. It will be my first snowman. Today, Mom showed me how to make a snow angel.

It was Bindi’s first snow, too. We did not think our dog would like snow so much. At first she sniffed it. Then she dug her nose into it. Then she ran all over the yard. The snow made her jumpy. She
hopped like a bunny. She was so funny.

I hope you can visit soon.



Dear Ariel,

We have snow in Israel sometimes, too. You know that. But it’s in the north. It falls in Mount Hermon. We took your mom there when she was a kid. She loved the snow, too. I like warmer weather. It doesn’t get so cold here in Tel Aviv. So I’ll stay here for the winter.

I will come to visit you in the summer. I can’t wait to see your new home. Give Bindi a kiss for me.