Which Animals Hibernate?

Some animals hibernate. They do this when it is cold. They do this all winter long. They are more than asleep. Their heartbeat slows. Their breathing slows. They don’t eat. They don’t poop or pee.

These animals work hard all summer. They eat a lot. They must get fat for winter. They make their winter homes. They find safe hiding places. They dig dens. They make nests. They make them warm. They make them safe.

The dormouse hibernates. It makes a nest in the ground. It eats all summer. It eats nuts. It eats fruits. It eats bugs.

Bears hibernate. They dig dens. Then they eat lots of food. They eat berries. They eat fish. They eat meat.

The Common Poorwill hibernates. No other birds do this. It hides under piles of rocks. It eats bugs all summer long. It likes moths. It likes beetles.

Chipmunks hibernate. They dig burrows. These are underground. All summer they eat nuts. They eat seeds. They eat fruits. They eat bugs.

Snails hibernate. They don’t need a nest. They go inside their shells. Their shells are their homes. All summer they eat plants.