The Lion and the Mouse - An Aesop Fable

A lion lay in the forest. The lion was asleep. The lion’s head lay on his paws.

Along came a mouse. The mouse didn’t see the lion at first. The mouse got scared. The mouse tried to run away. The mouse bumped into the lion’s nose. The mouse woke the lion.

The lion saw the mouse. The lion grabbed the mouse. The lion held the mouse.

The mouse asked the lion not to eat her. The mouse made a deal. The mouse said that if the lion let her go, she would help the lion one day.

The lion felt that this was funny. The lion did not see how the mouse could help him. The lion was so big. The mouse was so small. But, the lion did not eat the mouse. The lion let the mouse go.

A few weeks went by.

The lion got stuck in a net. The lion was sad. The lion could not get out. The lion saw the mouse.

The mouse came to help. The mouse chewed the rope. The mouse freed the lion. The mouse helped the lion like she said she would.