The Lion and the Mouse - An Aesop Fable

A lion lay sleeping in the forest one day. The lion’s head lay on his paws.


Along came a mouse. At first, the mouse did not see the lion. Then she saw him. She got very scared. She tried to run away. But she bumped into the lion’s nose.


The lion woke up. The lion grabbed the mouse. The lion held her in his giant paws.


“Please don’t eat me,” begged the mouse.


“Why not?” asked the lion.


“Please let me go. One day I will repay you,” the mouse said.


The lion felt that this was funny. How could a mouse help a lion? But he let her go.


A few weeks went by. Soon they met again.


This time, the lion needed help. The lion got stuck in a hunter’s net. Sometime later, the lion saw the mouse passing by. The lion called out to her for help.


The mouse rushed over to help the lion. She was small, but she could help free him. The mouse knew just what to do. She began to chew through the ropes. It took some time, but soon the lion was free! The mouse helped the lion like she promised.