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Choose Books

What titles do you already have? Who is represented? How can you add voices and experiences that are missing?

This section provides guidance on ensuring the books you are offering represent the world's diversity.

Diversify Your Bookshelf (RIF Webinar)

RIF's race, equity, and inclusion webinar provides insights from a panel of experts on the value of diverse books and how to build diverse bookshelves.

Audit Your Bookshelf

What diverse characters, authors, illustrators and experiences are already on the shelf? What gaps are there?

These resources will help you take stock of what you already have in your book collection and what types of books could round out a truly diverse bookshelf.

Select Diverse Books

What makes a high-quality diverse book? What can you do to ensure that you have an inclusive collection for all students?

Use these resources to find and assess new books for your diverse bookshelf.