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Be a RIF Book Drive Organizer

Reading Is Fundamental believes that every child deserves the opportunity to own books, learn how to read and obtain the fundamental building blocks to achieve their highest potential. However, without our grassroots partners like you, our work isn’t possible. By organizing a RIF book drive in your community, you can join in our mission to get books into the hands of children everywhere.

Get Started

A RIF Book Drive is the perfect way to get involved. You can supply books for children right in your own backyard. We understand that hosting a book drive isn’t a simple task. However, we’ve provided a few steps to consider when planning a book drive in your area.

Select a Beneficiary  

Choose an organization to support. Contact a local library, school, childcare center or any other youth-serving organization to determine their specific book needs and the age range of students served. Gather as much information as possible related to your beneficiary to include in your book drive promotion.

Select a Location and Dates

As you plan your book drive, one of the first things you’ll want to decide is where it will take place. Identify and connect with a local community organization, school, corporate office, church and/or service group that would be willing to partner to serve as a book drive collection point. With the guidance of the organization of your choice, be sure to coordinate the best dates and ask for permission to work within their organization. Once you’ve established your event location and logistics, it’s time to be creative! Brainstorm unique ways to position your book drive. If you work in an office, rally different departments by holding a friendly competition for the most books donated. Or you can sync up with an upcoming event and challenge each participant to bring a book to donate.

Recruit Volunteers  

Remember, it’s a group effort! Reach out to colleagues, neighbors, classmates and local service clubs to support your efforts. Consider forming small teams of volunteers for the various stages throughout your book drive initiative. Segmenting volunteers to help set up your donation stations, to periodically empty donation bins, and to assist with book shipments at the end of the book drive.

Promote Your RIF Book Drive

It’s important to publicize and raise awareness for your book drive leading up to the kickoff. To help promote your event, RIF has created a few promotional templates for you to use. Keep in mind that the local organization that you’ve chosen to partner with may be willing to promote your book drive to the community. If you’re requesting a certain age range or type of books include this in your messaging and outreach.

Book Collection Bins

Your book drive boxes or bins should be placed where they will be most visible, such as lobbies or entryways. Please ensure that all containers used are durable enough to hold large amounts of books. To increase the visibility of your book collection bins, print and tape RIF’s Book Drive Flyer on the front of each bin.

How to make an impact beyond a book drive? In the event that someone isn’t able to donate a physical book at the time of your book drive, a virtual book drive is the perfect solution by donating $4 to RIF here. Through their monetary donation RIF is able to purchase a book for the next child in need!

Book Quality and Selection

Hosting a book drive enables you to partner with RIF to gift books to children to build their home libraries. With every book that RIF distributes we commit to delivering high-quality books and titles. It is also important as noted above to work with the recipient organization to ensure you understand the type of books and age range needed. A RIF-approved book drive must adhere to the following quality standards:

  • All children’s books must be new or gently used. Every child deserves a book that is in gift-like quality to ensure that this donation is memorable.
  • All titles must be age appropriate. RIF strives to provide children birth-12th grade relevant book title that reflects their current interest.
  • All books must be independent readers or read-aloud books. RIF doesn’t accept textbooks, dictionaries, and or encyclopedias.
  • Hardback books are recommended for durability.
Donation Delivery

Once you’ve reached the end of your book drive, collect and sort all books in a central location. Some books may not fit in the necessary criteria (listed above) and should be removed from the books that will be donated. After all donated books are sorted, contact the local youth-serving organization of your choice to coordinate the best date to deliver the books.

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Be a RIF book drive organizer

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