Our Boards

Reading Is Fundamental’s (RIF’s) boards help to shape our strategies and programs, ensuring that we are a sustainable, impactful nonprofit organization. Meet the leading executives, literacy experts, visionary educators, and other professionals united by our mission to disrupt the U.S. literacy crisis.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors steers RIF towards a sustainable future by strategizing and driving sound governance, management, and financial policies. The Board of Directors advances RIF’s mission, which is centered around inspiring the joy of reading—driving the reading frequency, motivation, and engagement that puts children on the path to becoming skilled readers.

Race, Equity, and Inclusion National Advisory Board

Our Race, Equity, and Inclusion (REI) National Advisory Board provides diverse voices and expertise that guide RIF’s many diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. This work includes putting diverse books, voices, and stories in the hands of children—to reflect their own experiences while providing a powerful window into the experiences of others.

Middle School Family Literacy Advisory Board

Our Middle School Family Literacy Advisory Board (MSFLAB) provides strategic guidance on the books and resources developed to support RIF’s program, “Race, Equity & Inclusion: Critical Support of COVID Learning Loss Recovery & Resilience in Middle Schools.” Through this initiative, RIF provides our Books for Ownership program to middle schools in priority communities, helping to drive family reading engagement and address drops in reading scores due to the pandemic.

Early Childhood Education Advisory Board

Our Early Childhood Education Advisory Board supports the development of the curriculum, professional development, family engagement, and research components of RIF’s Read for Success Early Childhood program. This early literacy program is designed to enhance emergent reading skills for birth to age 5 learners through increased access to books and play-based literacy programming.

Equality vs Equity graphic

Rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion

RIF’s work incorporates diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in everything we do, from the communities we serve to the stories we tell, to the authors and illustrators we feature. Closing the equity gap has been the driver of our work since our founding in 1966. To reinforce our DEI approach, we created the Race, Equity, and Inclusion (REI) Initiative and REI National Advisory Board.