Skybrary for Families

Skybrary is available as a subscription service for families via a child-friendly app, giving children ages 2-9 access to almost 1,000 engaging eBooks and almost 200 video adventures hosted by everyone’s favorite storyteller LeVar Burton.

In Skybrary, children pilot their own hot air balloon through 7 fun and fantastical islands, each home to a thrilling variety of engaging books and educational videos, promoting critical thinking and igniting kids’ curiosity through a broad range of subjects. Developed to assist parents in engaging young readers and fostering a love of learning. Skybrary is available via the web, iPads and iPhones.


  • Child friendly navigation offering books across seven fantastical worlds of adventure.
  • Almost 1,000 titles currently available from celebrated authors and leading publishers.
  • Video field trips hosted by everyone's favorite storyteller, LeVar Burton.
  • Interactive animations support an enhanced reading experience.
  • Read-To-Me narration function available in every book featuring award winning narrators.

Begin using Skybrary today with your child to engage them in a world of eBooks and videos. Click here for a 30-day free trial and subscription options.