Skybrary for Schools

Skybrary for schools is a web-based digital library for kindergarten through third-grade students featuring hundreds of eBooks across multiple subject areas, each with optional narration; real-world video field trips; standards-aligned lessons; and easy-to-use teacher management tools. It combines several key components that help children develop their literacy skills: high-interest books, read-to-me features, and encouragement for independent reading.  

In Skybrary, students and teachers pilot their hot air balloon through seven fun and fantastical thematic islands, each home to a thrilling variety of engaging books and educational videos, promoting critical thinking and igniting children’s curiosity through a broad range of subjects.

Skybrary can be tailored to any instructional setting and a classroom subscription also includes individual student accounts, so students can read at home as well as in the classroom. Whether you have just a few or multiple devices, Skybrary supports whole class, small group, and independent learning.

Quick Facts:

  • Purpose: To provide access to nearly 1,000 eBooks to classrooms and students.
  • Goal: To offer a supplemental reading service that increases reading enjoyment and frequency.
  • Cost:  $179 for an annual classroom subscription for up to 35 students or $1,450 for an annual school subscription for up to 350 students (10 classrooms/35 students per classroom).
  • Title-One school classrooms are eligible to receive a one-year free subscription.
  • Thirty-day classroom free trials are available.

Subscribing to Skybrary is easy.

Click here to learn more about a 30-day free trial or to purchase a subscription.

If you are a Title 1 school please contact us a to learn more about how you can obtain a free one-year classroom subscription.